Friday, May 28, 2010

one glove dream

I had a dream last night about bicycling. That’s not really news worthy. I dream about biking pretty much all the time these nights. Oh, wait, now that I’m digging into my subconscious, I ‘m remembering another biking dream from last night, too. See what I mean? Ho hum – do it all day, dream it all night.

In the first dream I was riding at night and it was somewhat cool. That’s how it’s been lately. It may sound surprising to those living in cooler climes, but I’m just now able to get rid of some of my warm layers on night rides home.

That’s not to say that I couldn’t, or haven’t, ridden home at night in shorts and a T, but there is a certain cozy factor that feels really nice right now. Maybe I’m in denial about the approaching heat wave, aka summer. Last night, in the non-dream world, what do you call that, “reality,” I rode back down the hill in jeans, double rolled on both sides, T, open flannel, and wool cap. I could have made it home without freezing to death in far, far less, of course, but like I said, it feels nice to cruise home easy down the hill, no chill, over-shirttails flapping behind, a burrito in the basket.

So, anyway, the dream. I was riding and I had one glove on and I was thinking, I wish I’d brought both gloves because this left hand feels cozy and nice.

And in the other dream I was riding Totally 80’s (eighty-eight Centurion, steel road bike with seven-speed downtube shifters) on a golf course. There were a couple other people riding with me, up ahead – I couldn’t quite catch up to them, of course, but it was an awesome ride along the cart paths and up against the banked mounds for the tees and greens. The grass was cut real short so we could pretty much ride wherever we wanted. There weren’t more than a couple golfers out to get in the way of. But then we came upon some equestrians so we had to dismount and follow the “bikes yield to hikers and horses” trail rules.

The toe clip straps on T80’s seemed to be those from the fixie (seventies Schwinn Supper Sport single speed, SSSSSS). They’ve got color to match the fixie, sort of a honey gold to compliment both the brown paint and natural sidewalls. I think, my subconscious wants me to get some matching blue toe clip straps for Totally 80’s blue-splashed front and rear frame and bar tape.

Plus. I think golf courses could be used for much more than golf. Many of them would make great parks. I’d also like to see more courses using a diversity of plant material, native to the area, rather than just endless blades of grass.

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