Saturday, May 15, 2010

once you go track… you can never go back

Well, that’s a bit of an overstatement, but I thought you’d appreciate the title. After nearly 600 miles of running almost exclusively in my superlight track shoes I finally gave myself a break today on a short run with Hilary and wore my old regular running shoes, Adizeros, I think they are, which also have around 500 miles on them but today they felt like running on pillows by comparison, except for the fact that they simultaneously felt like running in concrete boots as they’re super heavy, again, by comparison.

I had a really hard time getting started on today’s run. It was like I had forgotten how to run completely. That’s how different my running style has become with my track shoes.

The trouble with the track shoes, though, is that they beat the crap out of you and after several months of that and that I’m just trying to recover from a pretty wicked fever/cold… well, today I just needed a break.

After about 1km of uncoordinated clown running form the old style started to trickle back in and it really felt great. It was so easy and so easy to go fast.

I’m gonna keep running in those track shoes because I think they really do make me stronger, but I think I should mix it up a little more often so that I don’t hammer myself into submission every time I go out.

Two weeks from now is the Mt. Wilson Trail Race in Sierra Madre and suddenly I’m thinking it might be nice to run in the cushy shoes for the race. They’ll be great for the downhill, anyway. And with their high heels should make the uphills less steep?

So, I guess you can go back… it’ll just never be the same.

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