Wednesday, November 18, 2009

well at least I’m not the only one

Other people seem to be losing their grip, too. On the morning segment of today’s ride I was waiting at a stoplight. A young woman rode her bike in front of me on the crosswalk. Her helmet was on backwards. After riding up onto the sidewalk she stayed on her bike a reached out to press the pedestrian signal button so she could cross to the other corner. She pressed the wrong button – the one for the street she had just crossed – and then fell over at about 0.5 mph. She said, Owooh. I said, Are you okay? She said, I’m alright. She didn’t seem to want my help and there’s not much I could have done to be helpful, but I felt bad because it took her quite a while to get untangled and back on her feet. I wanted to at least say, Don’t worry about it, I’ve been doing that kind of stuff all week – must be the Santa Anas…

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