Monday, November 23, 2009

appreciating three (and the unknown)

I went out for a three mile run this morning. I took the last two weeks off after over-running myself into some foot injuries. When I get injured I start to fear the worst – you’ll never run again – and each day that the injury hangs around I get closer and closer to restructuring my lifestyle for the post running era – I start thinking that maybe I’ll string up that banjo and/or join the Roving Archers and limp around the Arroyo with a Peruvian style handmade walking stick. But, today, after 14 days of doomsday thoughts, I ran again. It felt great - so nice to be out there. A short run, sure, and I took it really easy, but no pain. Amazingly, after all my fits and starts in running this year I still have a chance of making my original mileage goal and maybe even doing a bit better than last year – fingers crossed.

The up side of the lull in running has been a lot more time on the bike. Got semi-intentionally lost in the hills above Glendale yesterday. Some of the steepest, toughest roads I’ve ever seen – made all the more challenging because I didn’t know if I’d ever make it out of their maze. Eventually, as I was about to give up and backtrack all the way out, a nice old man gave me the happy directions to get back to the Pasadena side of the mountain and soon I was on familiar ground with lots more energy. Getting lost is good for you.

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