Friday, September 25, 2009

“Forest Closed to the Public”

That’s the giant sign that “Lefty Tony” and I found waiting for us at the trailhead this morning.

It’s kind of a rude sign. Couldn’t they (NFS) have at least tacked a note on there saying, “gee, we wish we didn’t have to close the trails but we just don’t think it’s safe up there right now. We hope you’ll understand. Feel free to use the drinking fountain just up the road if you need to fill your bottles. We’ll open everything up just as soon as conditions improve. We’re looking forward to seeing you up here for lots of adventures this fall. Until then, be safe and pray for rain (but not too much as it will wash the mountains away.) Have a nice day, Smokey and friends…”

Maybe I’ll print that out and post it myself…

I’m not sure why the forest is closed now. There’re rumors of there being Santa Ana winds that could stoke a fire but it’s not windy where I am. And it’s hot (95) but certainly not hot enough for anything to spontaneously combust. And there’s really nothing left to burn up there.

But still, it is closed. With no report about how long it will be closed. Maybe a day. Maybe a year.

No biking Brown. No running El Prieto. Not even riding the Angeles Crest Highway – that’s closed too.

So I guess I’ll have to be a townie this weekend.

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