Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday 57

Rode out to Santa Monica (the beach) yesterday on Mindful Mule for a CICLE ride. Even though it’s a pretty long ride out there I took Mindful because the roads are pretty rough pretty much the whole way as I went all the way across the city of Los Angeles. Two months ago when I went out to Venice I took Totally Eighties and just got pounded the whole way.

The CICLE ride was fun. We toured some art galleries in association with the Santa Monica Museum of Art. It was a big group of riders – probably about 200. By far the biggest ride CICLE has ever put together.

I was a little concerned about this because Santa Monica has had some conflict in the past couple years between Critical Mass rides and motorists. And there’ve been arrests and complaints and hoopla. We did manage to attract the attention of some cops. I was taking up the rear of the ride as is my usual position when I volunteer for CICLE. I’m the caboose – making sure no one gets dropped. At one point a copper dude pulled up next to me on his motorcycle and inquired about our group and ride. He was pretty cool about the whole thing though and even complimented us on our ride style.

It’s fun riding next to motorcycles (if only for a few seconds.) Mindful Mule was definitely puffing out his chest all proud like. (Actually, I’m not sure if Mindful Mule is a she or a he, but since she’s a mule, I guess the distinction is less significant – no offspring.)

Well, after the group ride I pushed off into the night and rode back through LA. I was reminded of that movie, “A Night on Earth,” (trailer) I think it’s called where they zoom in on four taxi cab drivers in four different cities through out the world and each has whacky experience which somehow brings you to the realization that the city at night is the same all around the world.

This part of the world at night always smells like doughnuts...


jaymes said...

Glad to see your back is normal and you are out on the road again!
Sure sounds like you had alot of fun. When I lived in Texas I loved riding my bike at night,something special about doing that.
Thanks for letting me know about A.M.Homes' book, picked it up at the library yesterday,looking foward to reading it.
Have a good week my friend.

Melissa said...

I love your observations about the city. That sounds is a cool event, too.