Wednesday, August 19, 2009

am I ready to run?

I had a barefoot running dream last night. I haven't run for a few days - I've been sick. Hoping for a run today, although sickness always seems to throw every part of my body out of whack for no particular reason - now my back hurts. I'm thinking an easy three will get the juices flowing again and everything will be fine.

If you run with forefoot down style (as in barefoot running) but still wear shoes, can you wear those shoes forever until they fall off your feet or would you still need to replace them on a regular basis?

I finally passed the 500 miles mark this year. Seems like it took me a long time. I guess I'm still just about on track for 800 for the year but that is seeming pretty lame at the moment. Maybe I should try for more. But why?

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