Monday, May 11, 2009

Sandy Brown

Who’s Sandy Brown? Uh, don’ know… but the trails up on Brown Mountain are getting pretty sandy this time a year making the steep sections more challenging on ascent and the corners treacherous on descent. You’ve really got to take the corners slow and upright or else. I probably need to drop the air pressure in my tires to counter this. I tend to run pretty high pressures for a mountain biker. I guess this is partly because I ride to the trailhead, too, and I don’t want to be riding the pavement on 25psi and I’m certainly not going to mess with changing the pressure when I get to (and off) the trail. I usually run about 60psi. This makes for a ripping fast ride in the winter when the trails have some moisture in them. It’s pretty much all decomposed granite up there so it never gets real muddy – the rain just makes it set. But we haven’t had any significant rain down here for months, really, and we’re quickly entering into the cycle of heat, sun, smog, and fire. Maybe this is an okay thing though. Aside from it being totally natural for this area, it tends to clear the trails of people and lately I’ve encountered way too many people up there – especially those damned mountain bikers!


Alaskan Assassin said...

I hate running into people up in the mountains.....unless I am lost or have run out of water.

Do you ever come upon snakes on your bike? I always run into them while running in Cali and always wonder how bikers avoid them while going 20 miles an hour down a trail.

Also I am a huge Laker Hater so I had to bring up the game tonight. It was beautiful!

Of course they dominated my team.

Jonah said...

I rarely see snakes when I'm on the bike. I do see a lot of snake tracks sliding across the trail, though.

I've seen two snakes so far this year. Both when I was on foot. Neither were rattlers. One was a Striped Racer and one was maybe a Glossy or similar.

Mostly I just see wiggly sticks that scare the crap out of me.