Tuesday, May 19, 2009

last minute shoes

I finally found some trail shoes last night. I ran a fast neighborhood 3er in them this morning and they felt good. I’ll probably get one more short break-in run with them before the Mt Wilson race this Saturday. These shoes should give me a slightly more stable platform to run on compared to my road shoes. Trail specific shoes are not a necessity but I do like to have more than one pair of runners around to rotate between anyway and these were “only” $40 at Run With Us.


Alaskan Assassin said...

well....what kind did you get???

Jonah said...

Ah, yes… They are Asics Trabuco 10 (Asics now has a Trabuco 11, which I guess is why these were on sale… Like, oh my god, who wears last year’s shoes?!) I’d take a picture of them but my camera is broken as you can probably tell from the lack of photos on the blog. They look like this but rusty orange in color. They don’t have enough cushioning to suit my preference, although I think that’s pretty normal for a trail shoe. Designers of trail shoes seem to think that trails are all made of soft duff but as a few of you bloggers out there have mentioned, trails in this area can be particularly hard… So, I guess it’s a toss up between trail shoes that will give you a 21% less chance of spraining your ankle and road shoes with 29% less pounding to the legs... or barefoot!