Tuesday, April 7, 2009

On Brown

Rode Brown on Sunday. Sunny, 82+ degrees, dry. It was my first ride up there in about 6 weeks (missed all of March for no good reason), so it punished me a little bit for the layoff. Right IT band took a beating as I limped to the top without much torque available. Really great ride, though, anyway, because I love it up there. And good to get back on “Metamorphosis.” Can’t wait to ride again. Can’t wait to run again. Can’t wait to eat again (I’ve been constantly hungry lately.) Can’t wait to drink more coffee.


Evan said...

I miss the warmth of Cali.

Also I am always hungry. My stomach will growl if I go 2 hours without eating. It was like that even before I was a runner though.

Cool pictures.

Jonah said...

Thanks, Evan.

Next time I go for a long run I'm going to try eating every half hour as you did at Sycamore.

Just imagine how hungry those bears are!