Tuesday, March 3, 2009

little things along the way

Yesterday I kept feeling this little splinter in the heel of my sock. I could never locate it to remove it. Today (with new socks) the splinter was still there. So it must be in my foot. But there’s no splinter that I can see. So it must not be a splinter. It must be an injury. I didn’t notice it on this evening’s run. I don’t know really what this kind of injury could be. Perhaps a tiny little strain in the Achilles. My heels have been kind of tight lately. Actually everything has been tight. IT band, too. Somehow these little injuries don’t seem to be bothering me much. My speed and form and miles are decent. Little injuries seem okay. The trouble, I guess, is knowing what is little and about to be forgotten and what is little and getting worse. I’ve been a little unfocused in my running lately and this probably leads to little injuries, too. Not caring about stretching and nutrition and regularity. I’m not sure I’m too into races anymore (not that I ever really was – 1 or 2 a year) so staying focused and on a timeline is challenging. Luckily, I just remembered one of my personal goals – run from home to Brown and back. I’ve run the trail. I’ve run to the trail. I’ve biked to the trail and then run the trail but to run it all at once would be something. It would be simple and free and local – see that mountain up there… run there and back…

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