Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday fifteen

Went on my first long run of the year today. I ran up the arroyo to Johnson’s Rock. I’d like to try to get in one good long run at least every month this year, so I guess I’m a little behind already, but that will just give me a challenge to shoot for.

I felt pretty good on the run. I picked up a new pair of running shoes a couple days ago and they seem to be cushioning my steps a lot better. I’d like to find at least one more pair so I can rotate from day to day. I took them out for a 3-miler a couple days ago just to give them a little break in and then wore them again today. No blister problems.

Years ago I would get blisters with almost every new pair of running shoes a tried. Now blisters are rare. I’m pretty sure it just has to do with my feet being more accustomed to running rather than anything different about the shoes. Callused in all the right places, I guess.

I thought about going for eighteen today. That was the outside chance plan. I cut it short because I haven’t done much distance lately and it was actually pretty warm and dry today and thought maybe I’d be better off returning home for the weekend with a little bit in reserve – maybe a short run tomorrow morning before the Tour of California rolls into town…

I’ve been noticing lately that when I’m planning to run a long way I feel a lot more tired at, say, mile 3 or 7 then I would if I were only running those shorter distances. This is a bit of a psych out I guess based on fear of the longer distances. I’d really like to disconnect from that mindset because it would probably make things much easier, especially as I (if I) start to do longer runs which I hope to do. Of course, I should probably focus on this in all aspects of life, too – sticking with the present moment.

To go longer though… gosh, things will have to change to accomplish that. I’m not a particularly fast runner so going 15 or 18 miles takes a lot of time. At those distances I can semi fake the hydration and nutrition aspect of running, but if I’m to increase the distance of my long runs I’m going to have to make that a priority.

But beyond nutrition, I’m just not sure if running longer is my thing. I’m definitely inspired by accounts in blogs and magazines and books from people who run incredible distances all the time. But just because I find their feats inspirational doesn’t necessitate my following them through myriad mountain miles. Or maybe it does… I don’t know…

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