Friday, January 30, 2009

evening run

Went out for a 9-mile run this evening. I did the same run last Friday evening, too. Maybe I should make it a routine. As I recall, I think I had something like that going several months ago and liked it then, too. At the very least, it’s a nice way to delay the weekend lineup of beers.

My running miles have been pretty low this year, but it’s picked up a bit this week – 22 miles so far (with two days left – I put Sunday at the end of the week.) I’m not planning on doing much more running this weekend though – maybe an easy three.

Tonight I ran up the Arroyo path as the sun was setting. The temp dropped from 67 to 59 through the course of my run – perhaps the perfect running temp range and direction.

There were a dozen or so geese flying south in v-formation. I wonder where they were headed. They probably spent the day hanging out by the ponds at the golf course. Maybe they were headed to another pond or the lower Arroyo watershed.

At my turnaround point stands Sycamore. Tonight Sycamore and I saw the inverted sunset across the purple mountains. I say inverted because it always seems strange that the shadow crawls up the mountains. Dusk in the arroyo, light on the peaks. I high-five Sycamore’s trunk and head back down the arroyo.

Lots of people were out running and riding this evening.

I learned a little something about wave etiquette. I used to try to make eye contact with other runners or walkers first, at about 10 meters, to see if they were up for a wave, but I’ve found that people don’t want to hold eye contact that long and avert their gaze. I interpret that as not being up for the wave. Sometimes I’ll wave anyway, but if they’re not looking anymore then they may miss it. So, tonight, I threw out the wave and the eye contact at the same time and seemed to get better responses.

There’s a pink bike that I see riding around sometimes. I saw it tonight. Pink Bike Rider has great form. There’s something so beautiful about great cycling form. I actually saw a number of good form riders out tonight. They always have the accompanying soundtrack, too – the perfect whir of the chain around the gears…

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