Monday, December 1, 2008

a tale of two helmets

I have two bike helmets. One is blue - it is about 2 years old. I wear the blue helmet to Brown and rides with Dan the Man. Dan has the same blue helmet so we are like some sort of blue-helmeted team. My other helmet is white – well, it used to be white and now it is sort of a gold color – I guess it got a tan from all the sun. The gold helmet is about 5 years old. The gold helmet is my crappy helmet that I wear when I’ll be parking my bike somewhere and leaving my helmet on it. I don’t care if it gets stolen. Who would steal a helmet anyway? (I’ve actually had a helmet stolen before but I don’t think it was stealing exactly – I think some drunken frat-boy type was stumbling along and picked it off my bike for no particular reason and probably ended up throwing it off a bridge or something. Who knows?) For the last several months the padding inside the gold helmet has been starting to roll up and fall out so that every time I put my helmet on I have to hold the padding in place as I put the helmet on my head and then the weight of the helmet on top of the padding and against my head hold it in place until I take it off again. But because the padding was also rolling up and I couldn’t really do anything about that I would end up with a big crease on my forehead when I took my helmet off and it looked like a had a scar. Finally, today, I got smart (from wearing my helmet so much) and I ripped the padding out of the helmet. Now there is no more special holding of the padding in place when I put on my helmet, no cold sweat soaked padding, and the helmet fits a little looser and more comfortably.

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