Sunday, December 14, 2008

Blue Sky, Brown Mountain, Golden Pacific

This may sound ridiculous too anyone reading this from outside of Southern California, but it’s getting pretty cold around here. It’s even cold inside. We haven’t turned on our heater yet this season (I like to play a little game called “Can You Stand It”). This morning it was 49 degrees inside our house.

It was a beautiful, sunny, blue-sky Sunday. It finally cracked 55 degrees outside at around noon so I headed out for a ride to Brown. From the top I could see the Golden Pacific Ocean reflecting the low afternoon sun – about 25 miles to the coast and way out to sea.

55 degrees and sunny is actually a bit tricky to dress appropriately for. If you’re in the sun and riding hard you will quickly heat up, but if you enter a shady area or head downhill you’ll get cold again. You can’t bundle up and you can’t go with single layers. So, my ride went through various stages of hot and cold. I’ve been home for about an hour now and my toes are just starting to regain their feeling.

The forecast for the next few days calls for dropping temperatures and rain. There’s a good chance Brown will get some snow!

And don’t worry, I turned the heater on this afternoon - cranked it way up to 58… can you stand it…


Melissa said...

dude, that's a really funny post. i get all freaky if the internal temp goes below 67. go figure. happy new year! i like reading about your adventures.

Jonah said...

Hey Melissa. Thanks for stopping by the blog. (I assume you meant to say misadventures...)