Sunday, October 12, 2008

Enjoying my Brown Sundae

Really that should say Brown Sunday, but I just couldn’t resist. I don’t know why it’s almost always on a Sunday that I ride up Brown mountain. I could do it pretty much any day. Maybe it’s my church.

It was a very nice day today. It was sunny and a bit cool – 52 degrees - at 8:15am - hard to believe that it got up to 95 just a few days ago. I went for a short warm up run with Hilary in the morning.

Finally got on the bike at around noon – by then it was probably mid-seventies (I forgot to check before the ride, but when I got back it was 72.)

There were a lot of walkers on the trail. Not many bikes.

I felt like I had no power today and that I was just moseying along. Even on the sections that flatten out on the ascent I just couldn’t push it. But I kept pedaling and enjoying. Strangely, though, when I got home I discovered that I had a pretty decent time. I guess my perception was off. Or maybe I need to move my seat forward to gain that “ride the rivet” effect. I tried moving forward on the seat a bit during the ride and it resulted in a lot more speed and the illusion, at least, of power.

I think I saw bear scat. Seems more likely that it was coyote but there was a certain volume, if you know what I mean. Whatever it was, it looked like it had been eating a lot of berries – cherries, actually – Prunus ilicifolia (Hollyleaf Cherry), I think.

Skies were clear at the top – great view.

It rained about a week ago and the trail was still firmed-up. Not too sandy. That made for some excellent descending – even got down into a tuck a few times to avoid the wind.

It was a nice fall day.

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