Saturday, August 16, 2008

Roots Ride

I rode up the creek trail through the upper Arroyo Seco this morning. The Cherry Bomb has still got its claws sunk pretty deep into my scapula, but its grip is starting to loosen up a bit so that I can at least get out for some moderate riding - still not quite ready for a ride to Brown, though – at least I can visit its watershed. The creek trail is a lot easier physically but a lot more technical, too. It was a pretty warm and sunny day, so the creek trail was perfect for its shade and stream crossings. It’s always nice to get your feet wet on a summer ride. When I first started riding bikes on the trail, back when Mindful Mule was just a baby, this was the trail I rode. So, today’s ride was sort of a reunion of sorts for me and Mindful and the Upper Arroyo.

Tart Trail Food

Mindful Mule's Sexy Waterfall Shot

Not so much of a waterfall really as a dam


Jeff Moser said...

Love the dam shot! Did you ever play that old computer game, Zork? It reminds me of the flood control dam...

Jonah said...

Hey Jeff

I've never heard of Zork, but I like the sound of it. Maybe I'll start calling that dam Zork Dam.

It's always so strange to feel like you're in the wilderness and then come across something so human/urban as a flood control dam.