Sunday, June 22, 2008

another forty

Back to miles again and back to the Rose Bowl Loop. Last week I estimated this ride at 39 miles so I guess I was somehow able to correctly keep track of the number of laps I took. Today I had the little bike computer to think for me. It started cooling off a little earlier today. I think it was about 95ish when I started the ride at about 5pm. It’s always surprising that biking in hot weather can still be comfortable as long as you keep moving – gotta love the wind chill factor. Very few people were out this time, although more started showing up as the evening progressed and it cooled down a little more.

Peanut’s calorie calculator tells me I burned about 2000 calories on that ride. That seems too high to me, but maybe I should steal some of Hilary’s ice cream anyway…

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