Sunday, May 4, 2008

Keep Riding The Path to Brown

I finally rode up to Brown Mtn again yesterday. I hadn’t been up there through the entire month of April. I don’t know what I've been thinking. It was a nice sunny morning with wispy white clouds drifting through the blue sky. It felt great to be up there again. (Yes, I was just there two days ago on a run, but somehow it’s a different experience on the bike.) The bloom is incredible right now – lupine, datura, yucca, yerba santa, chamise, salvia, and lots more.

I saw a few snake tracks crossing the trail and a little hopping bunny and a floating red-tail hawk and a bunch of boy scouts and someone on a cross bike (must be rough on the descent.)

There’s a rider that I see up on Brown almost every time I ride there. His name is Speedy Gonzales. It seems he’s always on the way down the mountain when I’m about half way up. He rides very fast - probably the fastest rider I’ve seen up there (hence the name speedy). He looks like your typical super skinny racing cyclist and doesn’t wear a helmet. He was there today riding his path. And so was I.

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