Saturday, May 24, 2008

empty Friday evening rain run

Not being one to waste a good taper, rest, binge, hydration period, as soon as I heard the Mt Wilson run cancellation news I went out for a run in the rainy evening following the path up along the arroyo. The world seemed surprisingly emptied of people. Even up by the area where people normally do a lot of riding and walking and running and car cruising there were only a few people out. I stayed out a long time, turning around only after I reached Johnson Rock and took a lap around the field. This (short) route to J-Rock is about fifteen miles roundtrip for me. It’s a nice destination because it’s mostly off the roads and it helps to think about all the people that run to this spot from many, many more miles away. It was nice to run this route on a cool day and in a well-prepared state.

The Mt Wilson run should be rescheduled sometime in the next month or so. Still looking forward to it and actually glad that I’ll get to prepare a little more.

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