Saturday, March 1, 2008

grey and green and brown

It was another cloudy/foggy day today. I thought it might clear up at the base of Brown Mtn or somewhere on the ascent, but it just kept getting darker and colder and cloudier and wetter as I went up. Visibility was low at around 100 feet nearing the top.

It’s interesting how the various shades of green plants tend to pop a little more when the day is grey. I must have seen a thousand greens today and nice white-flowering Ceanothus, and blue-flowering, too, and thick green carpets of moss on the road cuts/cliffs that disappear over the summer.

Everything looked so different up there today. Twists and turns that are so familiar to me were suddenly new. I felt like I was riding in Big Sur… hmm, there’s a great idea for the future…

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Jonah said...

Why go all the way to Big Sur when you can experience it right here on any foggy day? Sink in!