Tuesday, December 25, 2007

psychology of the season of sun

For just a few days now we’ve been heading toward longer days - more hours between sunrise and sunset. The change is so gradual that I can’t possibly imagine that my brain would be able to perceive it. But, somehow, just knowing, just believing that longer days are here again gives me a more positive outlook. Just this morning I was tempted to wear my flip-flops outside. It’s still cool of course, about 45 this morning, but I know that it will be warm and light again soon, so if my toes get cold I will be able to enjoy that cold knowing that it won’t last. May your season be bright.

Last Week
Run 16 = 9+7
Bike 73 = 9+12+(6+7)+(9+7)+23
Burrito 3
Beer 10 = 1+1+1+4+1+2
Car 0
Rain 5.1cm = 2.7+2.4

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