Thursday, November 15, 2007

with pockets

I finally got to the laundry so I could wear shorts with pockets today. I didn’t have anything great to put in the pockets but I managed to scrounge some white chocolate covered dried cranberries/raisins and honey roasted peanuts from Southwest Airlines. I headed up the Arroyo Seco again and made it a little further than last week (9 - one way) – to the next drinking fountain just below El Prieto trail (actually, it’s more like a horse trough). For a significant portion of this route I could see Brown Mtn above me in the distance. She’s a good motivator – maybe to good.

The snacks seemed to make a big difference in my energy. I was still pretty tired from about 14 miles on, though. I think next time I’ll try three snacks, maybe four.

It was quite warm today – about 80. I don’t think I’m getting enough water from the drinking fountains on these longer runs. It’s hard to know how much I’m getting. I think I’ll have to bring some water/energy drink with me next time. I just hate to carry so much stuff along. Maybe I can just carry an empty bottle and fill it up at the fountains so I get a good measurement.

Assuming there’ll be a next time… While on the run I felt pretty good, but the aftermath was a different story: chills and nausea for hours. I’m guessing this was related to dehydration – my nemesis (fist shaking in the air).

Now that I’ve recovered, though, I’m pretty happy with the run. It was a good learning experience and the farthest I’ve ever run without periods of walking. I think I’ll take it easy for a little while now. Maybe a 3-miler this weekend.

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