Monday, November 5, 2007

new territory

Yesterday I surpassed my previous annual running mileage record. This feels pretty good. I guess it makes sense, was inevitable, since I’ve been running a lot. Funny, though, that this new mark was finally reached on what was probably my shortest run of the year (and one of the shortest weeks) – a two-mile run with Hilary to get some breakfast – wearing just normal clothes. I followed that up with another seven-mile bridge run later in the day by myself. It’s nice to realize that for the next two months I’ll be pushing into new territory in my running life. Each step will carry me further toward a new standard by which future years will be compared. Maybe this will be the most I ever run in a year in all my life or maybe next year I’ll go further. I don’t know, and it really doesn’t matter. Right now I’m just happy to be running… to be a runner.

Last Week:
Run: 16 = 7+(2+7)… ytd 920
Bike: 60 = (12+6)+4+(26+12)… ytd 2577
Beer: 13 = 2+1+5+2+3… ytd 480
Burrito: 2… ytd 102
Car: 3 (for more pizza)… ytd 1519

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