Wednesday, September 19, 2007

“please allow me to introduce myself” (part 2)

As some of you might remember, Jonah is not my given name. See part 1 of this post for more info. My given name is down there somewhere in a June post if you really must know.

The whole name change thing was pretty confusing for a lot of people. Suddenly, they didn’t know what to call me. Somehow, my words, “call me Jonah,” weren’t clear to them. So they’d continually ask me what I wanted to be called or hyphenate the old name and the new name together creating a third name which led to further confusion. So, I basically gave up on the whole idea in everyday life, but Jonah lives on inside me.

And then, about a year ago I secretly added another name to my new name to make it Jonah Skye Diamond, or for the full rhythmic effect, Jonah in the Skye with Diamonds. I only told one person about this because of the craziness I’d experienced in the first go ‘round.

I’m not a big fan of diamonds. Not the conventional variety anyway – the bedazzling jewels that people wear on rings, earrings, and the like. However, I really do enjoy the other type of diamonds – the moments, images, dreams, visions, feelings, interactions that tend to snap us out of our daily coma and reveal a deep sparkling undercurrent of pure, live, soul, spirit, reality, god, energy, shine.

We all have our own diamond doorways to this Other world. Some common portals for me include mountain peaks, the moon, twisted old trees, the first manzanita flower of the season… all framed against the backdrop of a blazing blue pacific sky.


Gillian Kessler said...

i love what you have to say a bout the metaphorical diamond. i live for those moments too! love those thoughts, joan.

Jonah said...

Thanks for dropping by. Isn't this blogging thing fun? I'm looking forward to seeing you all at the big Missoula party in November.

Keatley said...

Rob -- I found your blog! Very cool. I'll come back later and check out "part 1". Great book list.