Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Le Tour c’est fin

Just in case anyone was beginning to worry, I’m back on the coffee. And those first few days back were really great. My tolerance was way down so the caffeine kick was actually noticeable. Of course, these experiences are fleeting, and now I’m ready for a triple shot of anything by about noon.

The return to coffee came just in time, too, to help counteract my post Tour de France depression. I didn’t sleep much during Le Tour. I’d find myself awake at four in the morning ready to watch the early coverage. Yes, there were a few bummers this year, as usual, with the doping and all, but still I enjoyed it. I was glad to see Hincapie do so well in the time trials – was it 3rd and 7th, not bad – and a top 25 finish – good show!

There’s also something relaxing about watching for hours as the French countryside passes by. And the fans partying on the side of the road, and the devil, and the hay bale art, and Bob Roll in your ear.

So, now what? Well, some other bloggers are beginning to talk about plans for the future, so maybe I’ll do that too, just to help me get back on track. Then I’m going to make some more coffee…

Things I dream about doing sometime in the future, maybe next year, maybe in ten or thirty years, or maybe just in dreams:

Run 1000 miles in 2007 (374 to go).

Run to the top of Brown Mountain and back. This would follow my frequent bike route and be close to 28 miles in length. It would be free, and I wouldn’t get a t-shirt.

Ride to the base of Mt. Baldy (10,064), hike to the top and back, then ride home. Biking would be something like 70 or 90 miles, hiking would be about 9. Total elevation gain would be about 9500 feet.

Ride my bike along the Pacific coast to Alaska.

Run the Angeles Crest 100.

Ride a bike with suspension.

Eat a giant burrito.

Drink a giant beer.

Take a long nap.

See a wild California Condor.

Watch the sunset from a mountaintop.

And maybe some other things, too...

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