Sunday, July 8, 2007

yesterday was a strange day

I rode about fifty miles around town and around my loop. I had a very different experience from my peaceful meditation rides from the last couple days. Yesterday, it seemed that everyone was out to get me. Cars kept swerving over into my lane space as if they had no awareness of, or respect for, or concern for my presence or my life. Generally, the car drivers here are pretty considerate, but yesterday I felt like a second-class vehicle that they wanted off the road. Also, there must have been at least ten pedestrians that stepped right out into the street in front of me without even looking to see if there was a car or a bike or a bus about to run them down. I really could not believe it. I hope today’s mojo is better.

I haven’t run since Monday. I can still feel a little bit of a tweak on the top of my left foot. I’m planning on doing an easy trail run this evening. Hopefully it has healed enough over the last week. I guess I’ll find out tonight.

(Great start for Hincapie over the weekend!)

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