Tuesday, July 3, 2007


I’m planning to give myself a break for a few days. Right now I have a “broken” foot and knee. The foot has been bothering me for a couple of days now. The knee is brand new today for no apparent reason except for walking in flip-flops. I think I’ve probably been pushing the running distance up a little too quickly recently. It’s been fun, though, and I’d like to keep increasing it, but for now, I need to listen to “Coach” and “Doctor” and do nothing for a few days.

It’s been interesting to notice the increase in my mileage that started right at about the time I started this blog. In part this may be due to having a little more time on my hands since graduation. But, I think it is primarily due to having readers to answer to. Not that there’s really that many of you out there, but somehow knowing that someone else is paying some attention to my schedule has created some competitive drive.

Or maybe it’s all just part of my normal ebb and flow. I tend to do a lot of that. Maybe I’m just at the tall part of that tide. Hopefully it won’t crash down too far from here. We’ll see. I’m probably overreacting, as usual. I’m sure reading all of your stories will pull me back into it pretty quickly. Actually, wait a minute, just because my running has gone a little overboard doesn’t mean I can’t bike. You see how crazy I get? A nice easy road spin might be just what I need. I’m calling Dan the Man. Maybe he’ll go for a ride tonight…

Also, for those of you who might be interested in contemporary/modern dance and live within biking distance of Berkeley, Hilary’s company, Lineage Dance will be performing:

July 8, 2007 Berkeley, CA
Dancing Through The Ages
2 p.m. Julia Morgan Center for the Arts
Benefit for the Ann Martin Center
All tickets $25
Tickets available through the Community Box Office Network
(925) 798-1300

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