Monday, June 18, 2007


Run 32 = 12*+3+7+7+3
Bike 57 = 3+28+6+11+9
Car 31 = 3+28
Burrito 3 = 1+1+1
Drinks 13 = 1+5+2+5

*This 12 mile run was the last in a string of six days in a row from the previous week. In that six-day period I ran more than I ever have before, for a total of 54 miles, which is 10% more than my previous weeklong record of 49 miles in seven days. So, that felt pretty good and helped to get me back up to pace for 1000 miles this year. It’s funny, though, I know this isn’t a competition or anything, but after reading Geoff and Catra’s blogs, 54 miles in a week seems pretty ordinary. So, I’ll keep pushing…

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